L&T Marine was founded in 2007. The company was created by two people with passion, from England and Poland, who for many years gained experience in construction, refurbishment and interior design in both shipbuilding and civil engineering.
Thanks to the acquired knowledge at every level of projects, from initial discussions and sketches to collection by the client, they managed to find a common vision of the company.

This is a multi-generational knowledge of market needs, with over 60 years experience between them, John Taylor’s experience in contact with the client and the creative thinking process of Wojciech ‘Freddy’ Łukaszewicz allowed them to create a collective that performs comprehensive services worldwide.

Over the last few years, we have completed over 100 projects. We have provided services both in the maritime industry and in civil engineering. Together with new challenges, we have created a professional staff that is not afraid to take up any task and the company has specialized in the sector of construction and renovation of ships interiors. Thanks to the experience gained, we began to undertake more demanding projects both from the organizational and technical side.
The long-term determination of the company’s idea has led us to the possibility of an optimal combination of tradition and new technology in a dynamically developing global market.